What is SEO?

Before explaining the concept, let’s understand what SEO means. The acronym refers to Search Engine Optimisation, that is, optimisation for search engines.

It is a set of techniques used in order to make a website more easily found on online search engines. This strategy aims to improve the ranking of web pages, making users find them more easily. That is, if you understand what SEO is and invest in this set of techniques, the chances are great that your customers will find you on Google.

Now, do you understand what SEO means? Let’s now find out why your company should invest in this strategy!

Main SEO tools

By now, you should have understood what SEO is and how important this strategy is in your Digital Marketing actions. Therefore, the time has come to show some of the main SEO tools, so that you can invest in website optimisation.

Choose And Apply The Right Keywords

One of the main SEO actions is the optimisation of keywords; after all, this is one of the main criteria of searchers when it comes to positioning sites in their search results.

At this stage, you must understand how your potential customer looks for services and products like yours.

To do this, use tools such as the Keyword Tool and Google’s own keyword planner, which show variations in terms used by Internet users when researching various subjects.

Imagine, for example, that you have a truck parts company and are investing in optimising your website.

In addition to using the term “truck parts” on all pages, also try to use all possible variations, such as “truck accessories,” “truck parts price” and all other ways used by your consumers to search for similar products.

The terms should be used on all of your pages, especially in the Title and Meta Description – the title and description of a page that appears in the search engine results, respectively.

Image Optimisation

The images used on their online pages also influence the positions they occupy in Google’s results.

Therefore, knowing what SEO also means understanding the importance of using quality images on your website.

Ideally, in addition to quality, they are all related to the subjects and keywords on your pages.

Also, don’t forget to use Image Alt Text or an alternative image. This feature is used, basically, to describe the visual elements of your image.

Through it, search engines are able to link certain images to searches related to the subject.

So don’t forget to use your main keywords in Alt Text for your images.

Through this optimisation, you can attract visitors through the Google image SERP.

Link Building

Another efficient strategy within SEO is link building. The technique consists of inserting links from your page on other sites.

The more citations your page receives on trusted sites, the more relevant your internet address will be.

Therefore, invest in making partnerships and even exchanging links, making your site mentioned by several companies.

Just be sure to check if the partner site is qualified because otherwise, the effect of this action can be negative for your page.

Now that you understand what SEO is, you can now use this strategy and leverage your results!

Once you understand what SEO is, it’s time to invest in optimising websites for search engines. This strategy is the best way to increase your company’s visibility on the internet and win new customers. So, don’t waste time and take your company to the top of the main online search engines.

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