How to create a free website

Have you recently opened a new business and would like to create a free website that represents your company? Very good, it’s a really good idea! I am convinced that creating a website is the best starting strategy if you want to have the right visibility online. , thanks to smartphones, the Internet has become a tool accessible to all; so you should really create your website for free. 

Creating a free website is no longer exclusive to those with computer and programming skills. Given the technological evolution, the creation of a free websitenow it passes through various online auto installers and auto-configuring services that will allow you to give life to your website in the blink of an eye. You will therefore not need any technical expertise.

How do you say? Do you totally agree with me and would you immediately get to work if there was not only a small snag that does not allow you to proceed? From the moment you are reading this article it is likely that this snag is due to the fact that you do not know how to create a free website. Don’t worry, if things are this way, I can help you.

In this article of mine I want to talk to you in detail about how you can create a website for free , using some easy-to-use tools. I am sure that this guide of mine will be very useful and that it will allow you to learn some basics about what it is to create free websites. All you need is a little patience: you will have to put yourself at the computer and practice using the free tools that I will recommend to you. Are you ready to find out in detail how to create a website for free ? Before starting, I want to wish you a good read.

How to create a free website

Before seeing in detail how it is possible to create a website for free , a premise is needed: there is more than one tool for creating a website for free. In fact, you need to understand theoretically what a website is. , and what are the main tools you can use to create a free website .

So what is a website actually? Also called the Internet site, the website is a set of virtual pages that are connected to each other. In practice, an Internet site is a set of online documents related to each other by keywords. One of the main features of a website is to be hosted on a Web server.

The creation of a Web site passes through a hosting (which can be free or paid) that will host the Internet site on a server, forwarding the access request when someone enters the URL address via browser. To reach a website, you need to know the URL of the domain name. To give an example, to reach my website, you will have to type in the search bar .

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