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A History Of Modern Wars Of Attrition

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The Straw Man of Attrition Attrition and the Advent of Total War Seasons in the Abyss The Kokoda Trail Undertow The Burma Campaign New Roots, Korea 1950-1951 Coercing Communist Concessions Losing Momentum Attrition after Korea Attrition as an Operational Strategy Bibliography Index

A World At Total War

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This volume presents the results of a fifth and final conference on the history of total war. It is devoted to the Second World War, which many scholars regard as the paradigmatic instance of total war. In considering the validity of this proposition, the authors address a broad range of analytical problems that this vast conflict posed in the arenas of Europe and Asia. They analyze modes of combat, war aims, the mobilization of economies and societies, occupation regimes, the vulnerability of noncombatants, and the legal and moral issues raised by the industrialized warfare of the mid-twentieth century. The volume will be of interest to all students of war and society in the modern era.

Toward A Global Thin Community

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Toward a Global "Thin" Community reexamines aspects of the liberal-communitarian debate. While critical of both traditions, this book argues that a coherent form of communitarianism is the only plausible option for citizens today. Using the theories of Frederich Nietzsche and Michael Foucault, Olssen shows how we can overcome traditional problems with communitarianism by using an ethic of survival that he identifies in the writings of Nietzsche and others to provide a normative framework for twenty-first century politics at both national and global levels. "Thin" communitarianism seeks to surmount traditional liberal objections associated with Hegel and Marx, and to safeguard liberty and difference by applying a robust idea of democracy. This work examines many different themes within the debate, including liberal autonomy, totalitarianism, and multiculturalism. It also considers the work of liberal writers such as Frederic Hayek, Karl Popper, and Isaiah Berlin.

Totally Sarah

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The Admirable Bashville; Or, Constancy Unrewarded

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George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright who co-founded the London School of Economics. Shaw wrote more than 60 plays with his most famous beingPygmalion, which served as the inspiration for the musical My Fair Lady.


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