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Conscription In The Napoleonic Era

RRP $287.99

This edited volume explores conscription in the Napoleonic era, tracing the roots of European conscription and exploring the many methods that states used to obtain the manpower they needed to prosecute their wars.

The levee-en-masse of the French Revolution has often been cited as a 'Revolution in Military Affairs', but was it truly a 'revolutionary' break with past European practices of raising armies, or an intensification of the scope and scale of practices already inherent in the European military system? This international collection of scholars demonstrate that European conscription has far deeper roots than has been previously acknowledged, and that its intensification during the Napoleonic era was more an 'evolutionary' than 'revolutionary' change.

This book will be of much interest to students of Military History, Strategic Studies, Strategic History and European History.

Napoleon And Hitler

RRP $39.95

Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler were two of history's greatest dictators. In this ground-breaking study, Desmond Seward finds striking parallels between their careers and their roles in shaping the destiny of modern Europe. He also shows how Carl von Clausewitz's classic treatise On War - a penetrating analysis of the Napoleonic campaigns read and re-read by Hitler- provides a crucial link between the two men.
Napoleon and Hitler demonstrates in an entirely new way how history can repeat itself - and gives new and unexpected insights into these two terrible giants of modern times.
"A careful study, clearly written, easy to read. He takes us through the careers of both men in turn, side by side, noting the similarities as he goes along. I am reminded of Plutarch's 'parallel lives' of the great Greeks and Romans... His interesting book deserves to be read both by those who would 'demonise' Hitler and those who are dazzled by Napoleon."
Hugh Trevor-Roper - Sunday Telegraph
'Desmond Seward is right to draw attention to their similarities, and to their differences. We should study both: both are among the possibilities inherent in our civilisation.'
'Solid historical biography with a compelling historical slant.'
'A clever and cohesive look at megalomania in action.'
Kirkus Review

Great Thoughts From Napoleon

RRP $19.99

Compiled herein are the thoughts and quotes of Napoleon on everything from women ("A beautiful woman pleases the eye, a good woman pleases the heart; the first is a jewel, the second a treasure") to the reason to wage war ("We must either strike or be stricken") to humanity itself ("Humanity is grateful to those who astonish her").


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