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Please... Let Me See My Son - A Father's Fight With Parental Alienation & The Family Law Process

RRP $38.99

One father's fight against parental alienation, failings of the UK Family Law process, and the apathy of the system we entrust with a duty of care to our children. A story of our time, a story of divorce, separation and the way fathers are faced with almost insurmountable barriers to having ongoing relationships with their children when the parents separate. In many ways this is every father's story. But it is also a story that will resonate with some mothers who, like Thomas in this book, also face being eradicated from their children's lives.

How To Get Abducted By Ufo Aliens

RRP $13.99

So you want to sleep with an alien?

You're a brave (read stupid) soul, but if you could film your encounter and post it on your porno site and send us a link, we would be eternally busy I mean grateful. You'd be providing valuable sights insights that is, to science. And hey, you'll be out enjoying the night life and zipping around in a saucer (unless the aliens can't land because they're busy servicing your needs).

Aliens have been sleeping with mankind throughout history.

If you don't believe me, watch the History Channel. However, just because Cleopatra got the clap from some alien dude, doesn't mean you shouldn't reap the rewards of the aliens' many millennia spent studying and satisfying the human race.

But which aliens are the best in bed (or in the woods, or in the saucer, or well, you know...)?

Everyone knows the Gray aliens are masters with power tools, but how are the Nordics in the sack?

What should you never do if you're bent over for Bigfoot?

How do you attract a Mothman, and what do you do if more than one of them arrives looking to hook up with you?

These are some of the most important questions in all of history. Well, in all of today. Well, in all of the time you've spent reading this description.

So if you want to hook up with some horny alien pervs, click the buy button and read about how to turn on an Andromedan.

Don't miss out on your chance to make your missing time into the best times of your life.

A-le-en Hedz (alien Heads) Gear 50 Page Lined Pocket Notebook

RRP $14.99

a-Le-en Hedz (Alien Heads) gEAR Notebook THE SUPPLIES, TOOLS, AND GEAR YOU NEED FOR THAT SPECIAL PURPOSE!!! a-Le-en Hedz (Alien Heads) gEAR Notebook is a 50 page lined notepad that can be used for whatever need you would like. It's a scratchpad. It's a journal. It's a diary. It's a pocket sketchbook. The size of this notebook is 5x8 and has a stylish a-Le-en Hed on the front cover. This notebook series also come with many different collectible emoji expressions of the a-Le-ens on the front cover. So now you can be the one getting attention of your peers for being very hip. These pocket notebooks also make great holiday gifts and definitely great stocking stuffers for the perfect Christmas gift. So go on and collect these fun and unique a-Le-en Hedz gEAR 50 page lined notebooks today and be the one in your group to be Out Of This World!!!


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