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Alien Invasions From Secret Space

I lived a somewhat isolated life through the many years of research on the ancient astronaut of the sixth century, pretty much wholly unaware of what was going on in the outside world with respect to ........ Read More

Tiwanaku Alien And Evolution

It was mentioned on a biology blog that archaeological engravings from the Tiwanaku civilization in Bolivia are unlikely to be depicting an ancient astronaut for the reason that, even with an aquatic ........ Read More

Como Solucionar Problemas De Mal Aliento

El mal aliento es una enfermedad que en los terminos médicos se llama Halitosis. Esta es una enfermedad que de cada tres personas dos la sufren. A diario nos encontramos con esta enfermedad ya sea en........ Read More

Speaking With Aliens

Some years ago, new residents in town, we ventured into church one Sunday. There were five of us: a set of parents, sufficiently presentable to fit in well in just about any club, and three cute-as-a-........ Read More

The Caveman And The Alien

When Chancellor Kohl's party and Edith Cresson are suspected of gross corruption - these are labelled "aberrations" in an otherwise honest West. When NASA in collaboration with its UK counterpart blow........ Read More

Writing Exercise 4: A Space Alien Might Make A Good Priest

As we develop our characters, we often fall into the habit of placing them in a single type of role and plot. For example, for years one of my characters was stuck on a California horse ranch. Having ........ Read More

Cold Sores - The Alien Herpes Virus

Cold sores, fever blisters, oral herpes are 3 names for the same thing - a blister or sore on the face - normally occurring on the outer edge of your lip or nose. "Cold sores" is the most common term........ Read More

Opening Us Bank Account For Non Resident Aliens

NRA or Non Residents Alien is a widely used term, which refers to the non-US citizens, having no residential base in the country. It is generally put in to the use by the country’s banking sector. W........ Read More

Alienation Of Assets

In commercial terms, the world revolves around insolvency. Insolvency is the process whereby one's entire patrimony (i.e. the totality of one's assets) is liquidated in order to satisfy his total d........ Read More

Alien Landings In The Lake District?

News that the latest space probe has discovered a discarded Kendal Mint Cake wrapper on the surface of Mars, and, what appears to be an alien space-craft seen landing on Skiddaw and discharging small ........ Read More

Dna Left Behind In Space Alien Encounter

Some folks, skeptics and scoffers, are not going to believe in the existence of Aliens from other worlds manning UFO's unless they land in their backyards and ask for directions or to call a tow. And,........ Read More

Born Aliens

Neonates have no psychology. If operated upon, for instance, they are not supposed to show signs of trauma later on in life. Birth, according to this school of thought is of no psychological consequen........ Read More

A Quality Eyewitness Ufo-alien Account

The main problem with an eyewitness account of any event is reliability. Whether someone witnesses a homicide, car wreck, plane crash, or whether someone catches his mate in bed with someone else and ........ Read More

Wire Protection And The Invasion Of Alien Space Rats

I was assigned an article on wire protection for a client, and was absolutely stumped. Not being an expert on wire protection or any of the industries served by my website company’s client, I had n........ Read More


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Halo Total War Alien Sonic Classic
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Halo Total War Alien Sonic Classic
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